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Fire & Smoke

Fire is a devastating event that we hope never happens to your family or your business.  Oftentimes, the damage is much worse than it first appears. 

In the unfortunate case that fire does occur from kitchen, garage, electrical or other types of fire, you should pursue proper and safe clean up immediately to safeguard everyone’s health and the integrity of your dwelling.

Smoke and soot damage also poses a dangerous threat.  Puff-back, back up of exhaust, soot from your heating system or a nearby fire are just some of the culprits that cause smoke and soot damage.  A house or building fire is always a traumatic experience!  get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

How We Can Help

Fire, smoke and soot damage restoration entails a complex and meticulous process.  Our goal at ALM Services is to help you get back to normal as soon as possible when fire, smoke or soot invades your environment.  Our well-trained and certified industrial cleaning technicians operate with the knowledge, experience and extreme attentiveness and care necessary to perform the most professional work and to help you begin anew.  Using the latest techniques and industry-grade equipment and cleaning solutions, they take extra care to execute a professional job that mitigates the already traumatic experience of such threats.  In the case of a major fire, we also work closely with local Fire Department officials to start work as soon as they put it out.


As a licensed restoration contractor, ALM Services strives to exceed fire, smoke and soot damage repair standards set forth by the state of Arizona and by the national Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Make sure your abatement, remediation and restoration work is performed by an Arizona-licensed contractor.  ALM Services is a Bonded, Insured and Licensed Restoration Contractor (#291874) that proudly serves the greater Phoenix area.


Our team of restoration technicians combine a thorough knowledge of technical procedures and practical approaches to help manage your fire, smoke and soot-damaged environment with the utmost safety and care, giving you the peace of mind and professional help you need to get back on track.

  • Pre-Restoration: Our restoration team first seals off any rooms not affected by fire damage, smoke or soot. We carefully remove and itemize all moveable personal items from the affected area then cover all non-moveable items with professional protective plastic.   Affected but salvageable items are carefully packed for thorough cleaning and repair.
  • Restoration: After initial set-up, our crew is ready to begin removing all debris, soot and smoke odors.  In the case of fire destruction, they first remove all materials completely ruined by fire, transferring and disposing of it outside in protected containers.  Using high-grade equipment and industrial cleaning solutions, they eliminate all soot from the affected area and wash away all residue.   They also completely take care of smoke odors by chemically removing odor particles instead of just masking them with deodorizers.  As the environment restoration takes place, our team of item restoration specialists is hard at work cleaning and repairing your damaged personal items.
  • Post-Restoration: Following restoration, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of the area to ensure your home or establishment is completely clean, sanitized and free of all debris, soot and odors.

Bring your home or business to pre-fire, soot or smoke condition by calling ALM Services at (602) 257-8000 today.