Advanced Odor Treatments

Nothing disrupts your family life or business operations like a strong, lingering odor.

Odor problems big and small can lurk anywhere there is open space and come from a number of sources such as incessant indoor smoking; chemical contaminants from wall coverings, flooring, paints or caulking; water damage; plumbing problems; trash and fire damage.  Depending on the degree to which an odor is present and its source, serious health risks can affect your family or employees such as itchy, watery, burning eyes; skin irritations or rashes; nose and throat irritations; nausea; headache; dizziness and fatigue.

Air fresheners only mask the problem.  Cleaning sometimes just does not dig deep enough.  When you encounter an odor that you just can’t seem to get rid of, no matter how much you clean, benefit from the services of a licensed professional deodorizing team.

How We Help

At ALM Services, our deodorizing specialists don’t just get rid of the odor – they get to the source.  Once the source has been identified and repaired or removed, our team goes to work restoring the air quality in your home or business with a safe and effective formulation of compounds and specific methods that actually kills malodors.

Whether the process of finding the odor is simple or complex, no job is too big or too small for our team to deodorize your home or place of business and restore it to a clean, healthy condition once again.


ALM Services utilizes odor-eliminating compounds that are safe for your family, employees and environment.  Our deodorizing specialists take special precautions to carefully execute a detailed work plan that ensures complete deodorization of your indoor environment safely and effectively.

Make sure your abatement, remediation and restoration work is performed by an Arizona-licensed contractor. ALM Services is a Bonded, Insured and Licensed Restoration Contractor (#291874) that proudly serves the greater Phoenix area.


Our specialists help first identify the source and recommend a solution to repair or remove the cause of malodors.  Then, they develop a work plan that addresses the specific odor problem, communicating with you the safety precautions and the steps they will take to complete the project.  Industry-grade compounds are utilized to attack the contaminants, eliminating odor particles in the area.  Finally, a thorough assessment is performed to ensure the area is free of odor to your satisfaction.

Don’t live with or work in the presence of deep-seated odors! Restore your comfort and peace of mind by calling ALM Services at (602) 257-8000 today.

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